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2 Chainz Sued by Pablo Escobar's Family over Restaurant Name

It's been a rough month for 2 Chainz's restaurant business. After being ordered to close his Escobar Restaurant & Tapas in May over coronavirus concerns, the family of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar is now taking him to court over the name of his establishment.

Court documents filed Wednesday (June 17) show Escobar has sued Chainz and his business partner, Mychel "Snoop" Dillard, for $10 million USD over the names of their two restaurants in Atlanta — Escobar Restaurant and Tapas and Escobar Restaurant and Tapas South —TMZ reports.

The suit claims that Chainz and Dillard do not have authorized commercial use of the Escobar name, which is said to be in violation of that family's name being registered and trademarked. It alleges that the pair's name choice infringes on their trademark, and causes confusion with the likeness of the restaurant name and the family name.

The lawsuit is also said to mention names of menu items including Escobar Crab Cakes, Escobar Breakfast, Escobar Cobb and the Columbian.

TMZ reports that Escobar, Inc. is seeking damages of $10 million USD, restitution from the profits the two Escobar restaurants have made, and an injunction to stop use of the name and likeness at the establishments. 

2 Chainz recently appeared on a Run the Jewels' new album RTJ4.


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