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21 Years Ago Today, Love & Basketball Was Released in Theaters

This year, Love & Basketball celebrates its 21st anniversary, and each viewing still hits like the very first time.

The 2000 film, the glorious silver screen debut of writer and director Gina Prince-Bythewood, tells the love story of two childhood friends whose romance was practically written in the stars.

Love & Basketball stars Omar Epps and then-newbie actress Sanaa Lathan as its Romeo and Juliet.

Monica and her neighbor Quincy both dreamt of being professional athletes since they met at 11 years old. When they played their first pick-up game together as kids, Quincy couldn’t believe that a girl could have such good game. As they grew up, Quincy tried to help Monica tame her fiery spirit, which often got her into trouble on the court — and at home.

Though she knows exactly what she wants out of her future as a basketball star, Monica struggles to be vulnerable with those around her and make her feelings for Quincy known. The lifelong friends try taking their relationship to the next level as freshmen at the University of Southern California, but their love for the sport causes a rift between them.

When she finally achieves her professional athlete dreams, Monica starts to feel like something is missing. Just weeks before Quincy is set to walk down the aisle with another woman, Monica surprises him with a challenge: a game of one-on-one for his heart. Though she loses the high-stakes bet, Quincy realizes he can’t live without Monica and calls off his wedding.

Watch the trailer below.



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