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32 Years Ago Today, ‘Coming to America’ (1988) Was Released in Theaters

Coming to America is an icon of both 1980s and African-American films. Now that a sequel is in the works, fans have a mixed response. Some are eagerly anticipating the results, and others would prefer the film be left untouched on its pedestal. Eddie Murphy decided to put fears to rest by sharing his thoughts now that production is complete. Here’s what Murphy had to say about revisiting a groundbreaking film.

Prince Akeem of Zamunda is back! The sequel, Coming 2 America,has finally been filmed over 30 years after the original. AMC reports the original cast will be present in the new film, including Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones and even Louie Anderson.

Several new faces also appear, such as Tracy Morgan. The sequel is scheduled for a December release. Although fans are excited, they are also nervous. What will the sequel be about, and could it possibly be as good as the original?

Check out below a movie clip below.


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