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50 Cent Says He's Bringing Back Original Joe 'Power' Theme Song After Complaints

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

For seasons one through five, the Power's 'Big Rich Town' theme song has been performed by R&B singer Joe. For season six, he has been replaced by Trey Songz and the track has been altered slightly. People sounded off on their displeasure on social media.

If you watched the second episode of the new season of Power on Sunday (Sept. 1), you probably noticed that the newly remixed Power theme song featuring Trey Songz is still opening up the show.

50 Cent has apparently heeded the call of Power fans. Following the social media backlash, the series co-creator took to Instagram and Twitter, to inform his followers that the original theme song 'Big Rich Town' will return this Sunday and vowed for the rest of Season 6.

Listen to the original theme song 'Big Rich Town' below.



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