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50 Cent Says He Should Battle Snoop Dogg Instead Of Ja Rule Because He Only Has Duets

50 Cent believes he should battle Snoop Dogg instead of Ja Rule because the latter doesn’t have enough hit songs ‘by himself’. 

Ja Rule propositioned 50 last month, when he admitted during an Instagram Live that he’d be more than happy to take on the singer as part of Timbaland and Swizz Beatz’s Instagram Live battle series, Verzuz.

Though hip hop fans might have hoped to see the result of that event, Ja Rule soon backtracked on his comments, deciding he didn’t know whether the battle would ‘work’ for ‘respect of the culture’.

During an interview with Hot 97, he added:

I would never want to disrespect the culture and let me and his little thing get into the love and respect of what Versuz has brought to the culture, for each other’s catalog and the artistry. I would never want to tarnish that.

He later implied he didn’t want to battle 50 as he described him as ‘petty and silly’ during an Instagram Live with Kenny Burns, Complex reports.

Even if Ja Rule had stuck to his guns, the battle probably wouldn’t have gone ahead as 50 rejected the invitation with a brutal Instagram post showing Ja Rule’s head photoshopped on to someone else’s body, and holding a sign saying ‘I will battle 50 Cent for attention’.

However, just because 50 doesn’t want to battle Ja Rule doesn’t mean he’s not up for a battle in general, and he has since proposed going up against Snoop.

50 suggested the alternative battle during an interview with Big Boy, explaining it would ‘make more sense catalog wise’ for him to go up against the Drop It Like It’s Hot rapper.

Ja Rule chimed in shortly after in the comment section of Big Boy's IG post. "He don't want that pressure," Ja wrote with a laughing emoji. "And Snoop our ya league bra," he added, though it's unclear what he actually meant.

What do y'all think? Snoop Dogg's been delivering bangers since the early 90s while 50 Cent's reign began nearly a decade later.



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