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6ix9ine Testifies That Jim Jones is a Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods Member

Day three is here and 6ix9ine has taken the witness stand yet again.

For his testimony on Thursday (Sept. 19), 6ix9ine alleges that Jim Jones is a member of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. “He’s a retired rapper,” 6ix9ine said when asked about Jones. The prosecutor proceeds to ask the 23-year-old if he is a Nine Trey member to which 6ix9ine replies “yes.”

Prosecutors played a recording of a phone call between Nine Trey godfather Mel Murda and Jim Jones. Jimmy reportedly said, "[6ix9ine] was never a gang member. They going to have to violate shorty because shorty is on some bullsh*t."

Tekashi also testified about Nine Trey member Coke Boy Mad Max, who is the bodyguard for rapper French Montana. 

Many rappers like Meek Mill and Snoop Dogg have dissed Tekahsi for snitching on his crew. Tory Lanez addressed how although he misses 6ix9ine, he doesn’t condone telling. Troy Ave was spotted at the courthouse, showing support to Tekashi's kidnappers.

It’s possible Tekashi 69 can get time served and will stay behind bars until next year. He also has the option to go into witness protection. 

Do you think he will return to do music?



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