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Aaliyah's Music is Coming to Streaming Services in 2020

It's been 18 years since the 90's R&B superstar, Aaliyah, released her third, and arguably most well-known, album, but fans looking to stream her self-titled project will find themselves out of luck. For nearly two decades, her fans have been asking one major question: Where is it possible to stream or even listen to Aaliyah's music?

Finally! Eighteen years since her death, the late singer’s uncle Barry Hankerson took to Twitter to announce that her full discography will be available on major streaming services on Aaliyah's birthday Jan. 16, 2020.

“We listened, this is not a drill in honor of the great legacy of #Aaliyah,” Hankerson, head of the now-defunct Blackground Records, tweeted on his private account before tagging Apple Music, Spotify, TIDAL, and Amazon Prime. He ended with the “1/16/2020” date.

Only her very first album, 'Age Aint Nothing But A Number', is available on streaming services or to purchase in digital form, because Hankerson doesn't own the masters for that particular album.

Two of Aaliyah's most well-known and beloved albums, 'One in A Million' and 'Aaliyah', are unavailable to stream.

According to a source Hankerson is the reason why Aaliyah’s discography has not been previously available digitally. He owns the rights to her catalog with the exception of her debut album, which was produced by R. Kelly. Hankerson sold a stake in Blackground’s publishing rights to Reservoir in 2012.



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