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Akon Announces $6 Billion Construction Contract to Build City in Senegal

Akon's made official advancements in building a city in Senegal.

Akon has been making strides in his efforts to build Akon City. He's talked about this plan for years, at this point, though it was in late 2019 that he confirmed construction was underway.

As more announcements made headlines over the past few months, the latest update reveals that KE International, an American-based Consulting and Engineering firm, awarded Akon City with $6 billion.

KE International for $4B from investors for the first and second phases of the city. Per PRWeb, the first phase of Akon City is set to be completed by 2023.

This will include road construction, a Hamptons Hospital Camus, a Hamptons Mall, hotels, a police station, school, waste facility, and solar power plant, as well as residences. From 2024 to 2029, the second phase of Akon City will run. Investors are expecting the city to be fully complete by 2030 with Akon City running completely on AKOIN cryptocurrency. By the time it's complete, it will also have parks, universities, more schools, a stadium, and an industrial complex.

It's another big move for Akon that undoubtedly solidifies him as not only a great songwriter but a talented entrepreneur as well. In late 2019, it was revealed that he launched the first Black-owned solar energy company.


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