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Anaconda Is Getting A Reboot

The past few years have been marked by a potent nostalgia for the films we grew up with. So, naturally, Hollywood is churning out reboots. Apparently, next up is a remake of Anaconda.

We’re not sure anyone asked for this -- but we still can’t help but wonder if Jennifer Lopez, the original film’s star will be on board for battling another giant snake.

Columbia Pictures has greenlit the film, which takes its name and its premise from the 1997 thriller. While the new Anaconda doesn’t yet have a producer attached, it appears that Evan Daugherty (Snow White and the Huntsman, Tomb Raider) will write the script. Though the original film ultimately spawned a series of follow-up films, we shouldn’t expect the new Anaconda to serve as a sequel or even a reboot, but a reimagining.

And that’s probably a smart approach to take. While Anaconda wasn’t much of a hit with critics upon its release, it proved to be a surprise success at the box office. It followed a team of documentary filmmakers (J-Lo, Ice Cube, and Owen Wilson among them) as they battled both the killer snake and the hunter trying to capture it.

These days, it more or less qualifies as a cult classic, thanks to its, um, creative use of CGI and an over the top performance from Jon Voight as the villainous anaconda hunter. And it’s spawned some pretty remarkable sequels, including Anacondas: Trail of Blood and the crossover film Lake Placid vs. Anaconda.



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