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A$AP Rocky Says He’s The Reason Everyone Wears Air Force Ones

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

A$AP Rocky and Nelly were trending this morning after an old interview of the Harlem native claiming he revived the Nike Air Force 1 trend resurfaced on Twitter.

Shortly after, sneakerheads and hip-hop fans used an old Nelly track to debunk his claims.

It didn't take long for a stern reminder to be issued by hundreds of voices, many of whom were quick to point to Nelly, and by extension the St. Lunatics, as the true innovators in that department.

In 2002, Nelly launched his sophomore album Nellyville with the classic single "Air Force 1s." Thanks to an infectious chorus heavy on the drawl, the Nike shoe quickly became a hot ticket item -- especially for suburban fans who were only just delving into the world of sneaker culture.

Clearly, the fans didn't take kindly to Rocky's presumptuous claim, as a perusal through Twitter has indicated.

In the hour-long interview, A$AP takes credit for making Air Force 1s popular after 2011.

Watch the video down below.



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