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'Bad Boys 4' Officially In The Works at Sony Pictures

Bad Boys 4 is now in the works.

Bad Boys Forever may have only just been released, but already Sony has begun taking steps to continue the buddy cop series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 


Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are expected to return as the dynamic duo, while Bad Boys For Life screenwriter Chris Bremner has been selected to author the script.   

Bad Boys For Life will see Will and Martin returning to their roles of Miami detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, nearly 17 years after the release of Bad Boys 2.  

Several issues led to the delay of Bad Boys For Life, including increasing budget costs and the story line, according to the site.  

Unlike the third film, the fourth should be released in a more timely fashion.  

Bad Boys For Life, which was released January 17, has already been receiving positive reviews, and the plot line allows for a sequel, adds the site. 

Will and Martin have been playing detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett since the mid-90s.  

The initial action film was released in 1995, and was followed up with a sequel, Bad Boys II, in 2003.



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