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Beyoncé's Dad Released Lost Album By Pre-Destiny's Child Group, 'Girls Tyme'

Mathew Knowles dropped a bomb on us on Monday when he revealed that the group, Destiny's Child, evolved from a different group known as Girls Tyme. Mathew released the never-before-heard Girls Tyme album on Monday as well as a book, both titled Destiny's Child: The Untold Story. 

Beyoncé, of course, has always been part of the group in whatever form it took, and her fellow DC members, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, as well as former DC members, Letoya Tuckett and LaTavia Roberson entered the mix at some point or another, but between Girls Tyme and what ultimately resulted in Destiny's Child, there were over 30 members who were apart of the group throughout its evolution.

Mathew told TMZ that he started Girls Tyme almost 30 years ago in 1992, and got discovered on the singing competition show, Star Search.

Though they performed for audiences and were signed to a production deal, they never released the album they recorded as Girls Tyme.

Mathew revealed that he bought the masters to the album in the early 2000s to ensure that it didn't interfere with the ultimate success that came out of Destiny's Child, but has now decided to share it with the public.

The album, Destiny's Child: The Untold Story Presents Girls Tyme, is now available on streaming services.



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