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Bobby Brown Vs. Keith Sweat VERZUZ Battle Announced

The next battle seems to be imminent. This time around, the legendary living Bobby Brown and Keith Sweat will fight for each hit. There is no doubt that both have legendary catalogs. And now fans will enjoy the joy of seeing them confront each other this year. Essence Festival..

The battle will take place on Thursday, July 1st during the Essence Virtual Festival experience to prepare for the second weekend of the annual festival.

As you know, both Bobby Brown and Keith Sweat have dominated the R & B scene for decades. Bobby is, of course, one of the original members of the New Edition and has been successful in his solo career.

Delivering classic hits such as “My Pre-Logative,” “Every Little Step,” and “Roni.” His life story was featured in the 2018 BET two-part movie “Bobby Brown Story,” starring Woody McLean as Bobby Brown.

Keith Sweat offers classics such as “Make It Last Forever,” “Nobody,” and “Twist.” He is believed to be one of the earliest artists to pioneer the New Jack Swing musical movement.



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