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Brandy Confirms She Will Portray Herself in Forthcoming Biopic

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

The multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and actress was one of the most successful multi-media stars of the past two decades, with a constant presence on pop and R&B charts, the hit sitcom 'Moesha' and the TV movie phenomenon 'Cinderella.' Her additional film and TV credits include horror film 'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer' and TV series 'The Game' and 'Star'. Norwood made her Broadway debut as “Roxie Hart” in the Tony Award-winning musical 'Chicago' so it's only fitting that she's preparing to produce her biopic.

In a recent interview with New York City’s WBLS 107.5, Brandy shared that she has a new album coming up and has even been rehearsing to portray herself in the forthcoming film.

“I’m not putting acting to the side, but right now I’m just getting ready to play myself,” she said. ‘I want to sing my songs and use my acting and use the dance and all of the things I was able to do on Broadway, I want to do that in my music and I want to play myself. I think that when people really get into my real story, the things that people don’t know, and me tell it and me reenact it, it’s gonna be something special. I’m working on that.”

Check out the interview below.


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