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Brandy vs. Monica Instagram Live Battle Is Happening

Brandy and Monica will be going head-to-head in the next Instagram live battle.

The 90s queens are the perfect match for this battle, considering their music catalog and several hits and legacy of the 90s and early 2000s. 

As all true Rhythm and Blues fans – especially those who adore that genre of music from the 90s – know, Monica and Brandy have had quite a history – to say the very least. From breaking records with their 1998 single, “The Boy Is Mine” to rumors of them beefing with one another after the fact to them joining forces 14 years later for another single “It All Belongs To Me,” the two stars’ names being brought up in the same sentence has always been newsworthy.

So, it’s so surreal that both of them will be coming together to battle it out on this upcoming Instagram Live showdown with their biggest hits.

Back in May, Monica spoke about wanting to partake in a Verzuz with the star, whom millions of fans believed to be her archnemesis for over two decades.

“I understand the idea of [Verzuz] and I think it’s really, really entertaining, and it is an incredible idea,” she said in an interview with V103. “
Now what I do like is it’s kind of turning into a celebration. I can handle a celebration. One thing that has happened to me my whole career is being put against someone else that I’m not even remotely similar to. I think the reality is, us being polar opposites makes it dope.”

Monica added:

“The only battle or Verzuz they want to see with me is me against Brandy, and the reality is, people have put us against each other for twenty-something years,” she said. “That would be the only thing that makes sense to me because I’ve been trying to tell people for about 25 years, you can like both! You’re going to turn this into 1998 all over again and I have no interest in that.”

With catalogues of classics as colossal as theirs (long with their unique history), this ought to be a must-see! Bring on the celebration on Monday August, 31st.



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