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Celine Dion's Makeup Secrets

Photo: Rex/Shutterstock

Canadian treasure Celine Dion has learned a thing or two about beauty throughout her storied career. Not only has the multiple Grammy award winning singer churned out a load of number one hits, she’s also launched her own gender neutral children’s clothing line — meaning the pop star has learned a thing or two about public appearances during promotions.

She has two Las Vegas residencies under her belt, the longest one ending in June 2019 after eight years.

Dion tells The Sunday Times Style magazine:

“I’ve used a lot of make-up artists throughout my life and I’ve learnt from them, but I know my own face so well and I can do my whole look in 30 minutes, sometimes even 15.”

The number one product the L’Oreal ambassador will always have in her makeup bag? A smooth black eyeliner. "A black kohl liner – but it has to be a good one. So many make my eyes sensitive or are too dry and chalky. A creamy, long-lasting one gets my pick."

Dion continues by stating her preference for oil-based formulas over water-based ones. “Choose oil-based formulas. If it’s water-based and I tear up, it will streak. If it’s oil-based, it doesn’t budge.”Honestly, after a gut wrenching performance of “It’s All Coming Back To Me” or “All By Myself,” she’s gonna need something that doesn’t budge.

Speaking of performances, being on stage is why the songstress won’t touch Botox. “I can’t use Botox… because I’m a singer. If they go too deep it can paralyze… If I sing and nothing moves I don’t think it has the same impact, so I don’t want to lose my emotion, conviction, sharing with the audience,” she shares with The Sun.

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