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Chris Brown Thinks He Can Win Against Usher in a Verzuz Battle

On Sunday (July 26), Twitter a heated debate – Chris Brown vs. Usher. In wake of the ongoing Verzuz battles, fans argued about which of the two singers would come out on top based on their catalogues.

Over the years, both Brown and Usher have put in an extreme amount of work, releasing several albums and winning countless awards. For Mr. Raymond’s part, fans argued that his 2004 Confessions album is not one to be messed with. As for the Indigo singer, he is gearing up for the release of his 10th studio album titled Breezy.

“Why are people trying to compare two artists that aren’t even in the same category music wise? Like Usher and Chris Brown don’t have the same style in their music.... but okay,” one fan questioned.

Another pointed out that both artists have a generational gap between them, which makes the debate difficult. “I am a fan of both, but real talk, Usher inspired everything that Breezy does. Respect for both of them in terms of what they’ve contributed to their respective generations,” the tweet reads.

In light of quarantine, fans have been begging the two musicians to go head to head on Instagram Live. After catching wind of the requests, Brown seemingly issued a response on social media. “Only vs ima do is CHRIS BROWN VS CHRIS BREEZY,” he recently wrote on Instagram. “... not in competition with nobody but myself...❤️.”

That only got people thinking harder, wondering who would win between him and Usher, leading him to make another statement on the matter, implying that he would get the W without much effort.

"What we not gone do is CAP," wrote Breezy on Instagram Stories. "I could do a vs off features alone... So I'll humbly decline... I'm busy doing nothing."



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