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Chris Rock Slammed For "Tasteless" Whitney Houston Joke On Instagram, Bobby Brown Responds

Chris Rock is feeling the wrath of Whitney Houston fans.

After the comedian, 54, posted a now-deleted meme to his Instagram account, many of the late singer’s fans came to her defence, calling out Rock for the “tasteless” post.

The pic, posted Saturday, sees Houston sporting sunglasses looking less-than-impressed during an interview with the words:

“Me sitting at a meeting that could have been an email” written over it.
But fans had a problem with Rock’s caption: “Hurry up I got crack to smoke.”

“Tasteless and cheap joke. You should know better,” one Instagram user wrote. “This is how you speak on the dead? Make better content,” wrote another. Others just called Rock “bogus,” “terrible” and “trash.”

Even Houston’s ex-husband, Bobby Brown, took to the comment section, writing,

“During this time of women empowerment you choose to use your time to try and humiliate our Queen.”


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