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Ciara Postpones Texas Concert Due To Coronavirus Fears

Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc.

After a week in which plenty of artists and live shows have downsized or canceled altogether following fears of the COVID-19 disease. Ciara now joins the list of those changing plans because of the novel outbreak. The singer was scheduled to perform in Fort Hood, Texas at the breaking of a new USO community center, however, following medical advice, she's opted to postpone the March 19th show.

"With the continued spread of the coronavirus throughout the U.S., as a pregnant woman, my doctors have advised me to limit travel and large group gatherings," Ciara penned in a statement Saturday. "I am disappointed I won’t be able to return this month to the place where I was born, Ft. Hood Texas, and put on the amazing show we had planned however I look forward to being able to bring it to you at a later date in 2020."

While heavily associated with Atlanta, Ciara knows her birthplace to be Austin, Texas, 60 miles out from Fort Hood. In addition, Ciara grew up in a military family, making this homecoming particularly special as the USO specializes in putting together concerts and other live entertainment engagements for members and families of the armed services.


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