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Comedian D.L. Hughley Passes Out Mid-Stand-Up Routine

Darryl Lynne “D.L.” Hughley was in the middle of performing his stand-up routine at Zanies Comedy Night Club in Nashville, Tennessee on June 19, when the comedian suddenly passed out and fell to the ground.

Hughley, 57, can be heard saying, “They were immigrants,” before his voice trails off and the audience starts gasping.

In the video that was shared, a person can be heard saying "What?" as they question what Hughley was talking about. The comedian suddenly stops speaking for a brief moment and a member of his team to the side of the stage notices something isn't quite right.

They walk onto the stage and hold onto D.L. Hughley as he faints, placing him on the ground. 

The crowd gasps and people took to social media with words of encouragement as they hoped that the actor was recovering.

DJ Vlad tweeted that he spoke with Hughley and that he was doing just fine. Hopefully, this wasn't related to anything serious. Watch the video below.



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