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Coronavirus Is Not ‘Chinese Virus’ – Karrueche Tran Corrects President Trump

Popular American actress and model, Karrueche Tran has condemned the idea of calling the COVID-19 Virus ‘The Chinese Virus.’

The actress took to Instagram to call for an end to the discrimination against Asians amid the Coronavirus crisis, and she seemed to take a shot at Donald Trump while at it. This week we saw President Donald Trump referring to the pandemic as the “Chinese Virus” and other folks on social media doing the same thing.

The actress, whose mother is from Vietnam in Asia, pointed out that “Xenophobia is not OK”. She asked people to stop targeting and discriminating against Asians.

She added that so many Asians in the United State are afraid to leave their homes after a video of an old Asian man being physically abused in the middle of a street went viral.The model went on to condemn Donald Trump’s statement where he called Coronavirus a “Chinese virus.”

President Trump was asked about it during a press conference on Wednesday, and he responded, saying he called it the “Chinese Virus” because the disease originated in China.



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