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Crime Mob's Princess and Diamond are Making a Comeback

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

If you’ve ever been out at a club, there’s a 99.9% chance you’ve heard the clubbanger called 'Knuck If You Buck.' In the 14 years since the Crime Mob cut debuted in 2004, you’ve likely listened to the song while seeing some elbows thrown, some good-natured jostling—and you might even have peeped a fight or two. The song simply stirs up unparalleled amounts of energy.

11 years after calling it quits, Crime Mob are making a comeback.

Last year the group (now consisting of Jay, his sister Princess, Diamond, M.I.G., and Money Blac f/k/a Cyco Black) has announced that they have bigger plans than just one song, though. They said that they are teaming up with Mike Will in a larger way, signing to his label and working on a new album.

However, earlier this year, Solange had Black Twitter perched for an official Crime Mob reunion between Diamond and Princess after the singer got to the two femcees to link up for her Met Gala after-party. Things got buckwild in the streets after clips of Solo having the ratchet time of her life hit social media. Fans were vicariously living for every moment of it.

On July 17, the first ladies of crunk took to social media to hint the release of their upcoming comeback single. The fans are all the way here for Diamond and Princess re-upping and delivering the next ratchet anthem, ala 'Knuck If You Buck.'


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