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DMX and Swizz Beatz Are Back In The Studio Together

It's been a while since DMX came through with a new studio album, with his last effort being 2015's Redemption Of The Beast. And while his status as a legacy act has kept him relevant to hip-hop heads, his absence has certainly been felt -- a lot can happen in five years, and many of the sonic trends have changed since X's last go-around. Yet all signs point to a rejuvenated emcee, creatively speaking, and from the look of it DMX has once again been getting busy in the recording studio.

Today, Swizz Beatz took to Instagram to upload a promising image of himself and the Ruff Ryders legend putting in work.

From the look of it, Swizzy is overseeing DMX's writing session, dressed to the nines and deep in focus. While it's difficult to unpack without hearing any music to go along with it, given the track record Swizz and X have amassed throughout their careers as collaborators, it stands to reason that their new music will be exciting on the strength of nostalgia alone.

It's great to see the two pioneers back working together as they undoubtedly made the best music of their respective careers whenever they teamed up. Could a new Ruff Ryders album be on the way?



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