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DMX Apologizes To Lloyd Banks: "I Was Thinking Tony Yayo When I Was Asked About Banks"

DMX must have listened to some Lloyd Banks lyrics because now he’s apologizing for criticizing his lyrical skills.

We covered the report, earlier this week, DMX has one of the most unique voices and deliveries in hip-hop history so, when he was asked about a list of the best lyricists of all-time, people took notice of his remarks. During a recent live-stream with Fat Man Scoop, Dark Man X interrupted Scoop and claimed that Lloyd Banks, who Scoop named as a top lyricist -- does not have the chops to be included in such an elite list.

Welp, it seems like DMX is having a change of heart. In his Instagram story, DMX wrote an apology to Lloyd Banks and said it takes a real man to admit when he’s wrong. He also mentioned that he does rock with Lloyd Banks, but got him mixed up with Tony Yayo.

Take a look: 

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