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DMX Has Been Released From Prison

Bring it! What? We right here 🎶

DMX with son and fiancé Desiree Lindstrom (January 25, 2019)

DMX has been released from prison.

The New York rapper, real name Earl Simmons, was sentenced to one year in prison back in March 2018 after previously pleading guilty to federal tax evasion charges in November 2017. He was initially arrested after New York federal prosecutors said he was behind a multi-year scheme to hide millions in income from the IRS, avoiding $1.7 million in existing tax liabilities.

According to TMZ, he's hoping to get started on the good foot with new music and few acting roles.

No doubt that day will be busy for X, as he's got 15 kids who haven't seen him since he went away. TMZ reports that his youngest son Exodus is suffering from serious health problems, adding that Earl is "anxious to see" the two-year-old.

If the man born Earl Simmons wants to jump right in to a new chapter of his acting career, it looks like he has options. Unnamed sources who spoke to TMZ said that he has several roles on the table. Beyond that, they note that DMX has been laying pen to paper while he's been locked up and hopes to release some new music when he's free.

But we know his inspiration for new music is charged up and he’s ready to help turn the “mumble rap” game around. And that’s what the fans want to hear. Swizz Beatz may just be the man behind his newest release and production.

There's definitely a market for new DMX music, as fans still ride for the Dark Man X.

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