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DMX Says Lloyd Banks Is Not a Top Lyricist; Banks Responds

DMX doesn’t seem to be a fan of Lloyd Banks. Or at least he has a certain gripe against him.

Lloyd Banks is considered as one of the greatest punchline emcees ever and an elite lyricist but DMX doesn’t agree.

The rap veteran went live on Instagram with Fatman Scoop over the weekend where he spoke on wanting to battle Jay-Z, greatest rappers of all time list and more.

DMX wanted to know who Scoop considered to be great "lyrically." At that point several more names were rattled off, including: Big Daddy Kane, Nas, LL Cool J, Slick Rick, Notorious B.I.G., and several others. DMX had no contention with those being listed until about the 20th entry (give or take a few) when Fatman said "Lloyd Banks." After a brief delay that can be chalked up to their mode of communication, DMX said "Lloyd Banks?"

"Lloyd Banks? Lloyd Banks? Lloyd Banks?"

Scoop couldn't believe that would even be an issue. "Of course!" he shouted back. 

Watch the conversation down below.

Following that, X asked Scoop if could quote four bars from Banks which he wasn’t able to deliver.

Watch the video above (at the 7 minute mark). Banks has seen the clip it seems as he reacted to the development on Twitter. “I have no clue..god bless him,” the G-Unit rapper said in response to a fan who pointed out what X said. In another tweet, he hinted that X might be mad at him since he didn’t go to the studio when he invited Banks to record.

In his new book Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter, 50 Cent said he was disappointed at the unfulfilled potential of his G-Unit members, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. In recent weeks, Banks has dropped three freestyles, with a full project reportedly on the way.


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