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DMX to Star In New Film 'Chronicle of a Serial Killer'

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

DMX will be playing one of the lead detectives attempting to track down Brolin.

DMX is making a return to the silver screen.

The veteran rapper hit the set of the of the upcoming film Chronicle of a Serial Killer this week.

Brendan Sexton will play the lead, Brolin, who targets women who he believes will end up like his mother. DMX will play one of the lead detectives on the hunt for Brolin. American Pie’s Tara Reid is also co-stars.

In the movie, Brendan Sexton plays the killer Henry Brolin, while DMX plays a lead detective committed to tracking down Brolin. Tara Reid also co-stars.

The movie’s director, Steve Stanulis, explained why the rapper will be a “perfect fit” for the role.

“When my casting director suggested DMX it immediately resonated with me as a perfect fit,” Stanulis explained. “I have no doubt he is going bring a different dynamic to the role and I’m excited to have him part of this talented cast. I’m looking forward to working with him and everyone else this summer.”

X has previously starred in films like Romeo Must Die, Exit Wound, and Belly, so he’s not new to the big screen.


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