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Dr. Dre and Nas Spotted in the Studio Together

The two hip-hop legends Nas and Dr. Dre were recently photographed in the studio together alongside Slim Da Mobster. The reason for the sessions is still unknown, however there is a possibility that the pair could be working on material for Nas’ 13th studio album.

To say Dr. Dre is a revered producer goes without saying, and even to this day his opinion and insight carry weight; in fact, some might even call him the most influential artist in hip-hop history, his overall impact on the rap game near unparalleled.

Now, the Doc has taken a backseat from the direct beat-making process, instead lending his expertise as a creative consultant and sound engineer. We've already seen him cooking up some music with Xzibit and Busta Rhymes, and now it would appear he's reuniting with another old friend -- Nas. 



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