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Dr. Dre Officially Single After Reaching Deal With Ex-Wife Nicole Young In $1 Billion Divorce

Dr. Dre is single and ready to mingle after a judge signed off on his request in his $1 billion court battle.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, the Los Angeles Superior Court judge presiding over Dre's (real name: Andre Young) divorce from Nicole Young. Dre and Nicole are still fighting over an estimated $1 billion estate.

While they continue arguing over their assets, the former couple asked the court to sign off on their marriage becoming legally over. They wanted the union to be considered terminated and allow them to no longer have any legal attachment to the other.

Per the judgment filed by the parties, the former couple agreed to legally end their marriage on April 15, 2021.

The divorce battle is far from over. Dre and Nicole are still fighting over the division of assets. Recently, a judge ordered the rapper’s alleged mistresses to sit for a deposition.

Nicole’s been fighting to grill three women she believes carried out affairs with Dre during his marriage. She wants to talk to Crystal Rogers (aka Crystal Sierra), Kili Anderson, and Jillian Speer.

Back in June 2020, Nicole filed for divorce from Dre after 24 years of marriage. In the petition, she told the court she was unsure of the extent of their marital assets and debts.

Dr. Dre, Nicole Young and their three children

In court documents, Nicole admitted signing a prenuptial agreement before her wedding. However, she claims Dre tore up the deal a couple of years into the marriage. Nicole claims Dre promised to give her half of his estate.

In his response, Dre laughed off Nicole’s claim he tore up the prenup. He asked the court to enforce the terms of their deal.

The music mogul is worth an estimated $1 billion. Nicole is aiming to walk away with half of the estate.



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