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Dr. Dre Ordered To Pay Ex-Wife Nicole Young $300,000 A Month In Spousal Support

Dr. Dre will now be required to pay close to $300,000 a month to Nicole Young, who filed for divorce from the Aftermath Entertainment founder last summer after 24 years of marriage.

Young filed to end the couple’s 24-year marriage in June 2020, and began fighting for a bigger share of Dre’s estate after claiming she had been forced to sign a prenuptial agreement prior to their 1996 wedding.

She also accused Dre of domestic abuse, which the hip-hop icon has vehemently denied.

Amid the ongoing legal battle, both Young and Dr. Dre, real name Andre Young, attended a court hearing this week to learn what had been decided in terms of temporary spousal support.

And an order from the hearing, obtained by The Blast, reads: “(Dre) is ordered to pay to (Young) spousal support in the sum of $293,306.00 per month, payable on the first of each month, commencing August 1, 2021.”

The amount means that Dre will be giving his estranged wife an incredible $3,519,672 per year in spousal support, not including any other expenses which crop up.

The payment will continue...

“Until the party receiving support remarries or enters into a new domestic partnership, death of either party”.

In addition, Young will continue having her health insurance paid by her former spouse, while all other insurances she has to pay for herself.

The judge also ordered Dre to “continue paying the expenses for the Malibu, and Pacific Palisades homes”.

Dre and Young are currently negotiating the terms of their final divorce settlement – which will supersede the temporary arrangement currently in place.

Nicole Young, Dr. Dre, and three of their children: Truly, Truice, and adopted son Tyler on August 10, 2015 in Los Angeles, California


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