Dr. Dre Says Hip-Hop Is Producing More "Quantity Over Quality" Right Now

Dr. Dre, one of the most emblematic Hip Hop figures of all time, has criticized the genre, saying that today's music is "quantity over quality."

Speaking to Beats1 recently, Dre was joined by Jimmy Iovine, who appears alongside him in the hit documentary 'The Defiant Ones' as the pair celebrated the 20 year anniversary of Dre's legendary second solo studio album '2001'.

"Right now, I have to really, really search hard to find something I like, as far as Hip Hop goes. I think it's just about the substance. Now it feels like it's a little more quantity over quality. 'Made a song last night, I need to put it out tomorrow'."

Appearing to suggest rapper's are more interested in money than making music these days, Dr Dre continued, "What are you gonna dedicate yourself to, the art or the money? You know, it's that simple."

During the interview, he also confessed that he did not want to present himself as a rapper on his 2001 album, he just wanted to provide the beats.

"I didn't want to appear on albums at all, to be honest," Dre said in reference to both his 2001 album and his debut album, The Chronic.
"I just wanted to produce, find artists and produce them. And Doc, The D.O.C. convinced me to put the microphone on and do this," he told Jimmy Iovine.

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