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Eddie Murphy Returns to SNL for the First Time in 35 Years.

Eddie Murphy, one of the biggest stars to break out of “Saturday Night Live,” has spent the past week preparing to host the show, which will be his first time performing comedy there in 35 years.

The comedian was just 19 years old when he joined the cast in 1980, and he has been credited with helping save the NBC series at a time of crisis. He briefly appeared at Studio 8H during SNL’s 40th anniversary special but memorably didn’t tell any jokes.

This time will be different. Murphy has said in numerous interviews that he and the show’s team are thinking about bringing back several of his most famous characters, including Gumby, Buckwheat, Mister Robinson and Velvet Jones.

It’ll be a packed house when Eddie Murphy makes his highly anticipated return to "Saturday Night Live" tonight — and not just because fans are scrambling to see the comedy legend.

Eddie Murphy’s 10 kids will be in audience as he hosts 'SNL'

“My kids have all flown in for this, they’re all flying out. So they’ll watch it,” Eddie told Today show host Al Roker on Thursday.

So don't forget to tune in tonight for Eddie's return with musical guest Lizzo and much more.


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