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Eminem's '8 Mile' is Hitting Netflix This Month

8 Mile, the semi-biographical 2002 film starring Eminem, is coming to Netflix this month.

The film, which featured the track the Oscar-winning hit 'Lose Yourself', will be available on the streaming service from August 16.

As of August 16, you'll be able to watch it as many times as you like on the popular streaming service.

It tells the tale of aspiring rapper Jimmy ‘B-Rabbit’ Smith Jr. (Eminem), who lives in a trailer park in Warren, Michigan, and his attempt to launch a career in hip-hop.

The film was a hit both commercially and critically. It opened with the second highest earnings for an R-rated movie in the US at the time, and critics praised Eminem for his debut acting role. LA Weekly’s John Powers wrote that,

“Eminem plays Rabbit with riveting, flamboyantly expressive intensity.”

Last November, Eminem shared a photo from the movie to mark 16 years since its release. The rapper posted a photo of his character  B-Rabbit flipping the bird in a beanie with a hood up.

Eminem wrote beneath the photo: “B-Rabbit in the house. #TBT Throwback to 16 years ago today #8mile.”


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