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Exclusive Interview | 20 Years Ago Gabrielle Released Her Third Album 'Rise'

Award winning singer Gabrielle is celebrating the 20th anniversary of her third studio album 'Rise'.

Her album 'Rise' crystalized her contemporary R&B-pop sound and gave us multiple hits like Sunshine, Rise and Out of Reach, which she penned for the soundtrack of Bridget Jones Diary. The lead single Sunshine had been a Top 10 hit, but her follow-up – the record’s title track, released 20 years ago this month went straight to number-one on the UK chart.

The album spent three weeks at number-one on the UK Albums Chart, achieving 4× Platinum status.

Check out our exclusive interview with the UK soul legend down below.

The album's title track "Rise" reached number-one in England and Ireland and charted highly in Austria, Iceland, Norway and New Zealand.

Hi Gabrielle, thanks for having a chat with us, your latest album is called 'Under My Skin' and it’s your first studio album in 11 years since 2007's 'Always'. What is the album representing to you?

Under My Skin is an album that gets up close and personal with me and is an insight to some of my inner most thoughts and feelings, I wrote the album about things I’ve been through but also what some of my friends have been through. I loved making the album and had so much fun recording it, it’s always scary releasing new music especially having been away for so long but to come back and have a Top 10 album was absolutely phenomenal.

You have a big tour coming up in November! What makes you most excited about performing? Do you have any artists or songs that are always on your pre-show playlist?

I literally can’t wait to go back on tour and celebrate 20 years of Rise, I love hearing my audience sing back to me, I love it when they get up out of their seats and shake their booties with me. My band are absolutely amazing and we just have a big party on stage every night, its an amazing feeling.

I always play what I call ‘hype' music before shows, things that get me pumped up such as old Kanye, I love the song ApeSh*t by Jay Z and Beyonce, people might not expect that from me but I play that as loud as I can in my dressing room and then walk out and sing songs like Out Of Reach.

Is there a particular city you are looking forward to performing in?

Every city!! Every time I leave one its with a sad heart but then I get to do it all again the next night and that’s what keeps me going. Some cities are definitely wilder than others which is always fun, I’ve had guys with their tops off on their friends shoulders before at my shows, its hard to remember the words to the songs when that’s happening.

If you could give any advice to you your younger self knowing what you know now, what would it be?

Have a little faith and believe in yourself!  I was full of self doubt when I was younger but I'm still here 27 years later which is crazy and Im so grateful. Im still touring, still recording and still have the best time.

For fans of yours who may have just discovered your music and are interested in learning about you, what would you want them to know?

I'd want them to know I’m a singer song writer who didn’t fit the mould but still followed her dream. I never wanted to be famous, I just wanted to write songs and perform, I’m so grateful my songs have connected with so many people and hope to still be here in another 20 years.

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