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Faith Evans Is Upset About Lifetime's Doc On Her & Biggie's Relationship

Photo: Eric Johnson

Faith Evans has condemned a forthcoming Lifetime documentary about her “intense and tragic” relationship with the Notorious BIG, claiming she was duped into taking part in it.

Biggie and Faith Evans explores the singer’s life with her late husband Christopher Wallace, aka the rapper Notorious BIG, who was killed in a drive-by shooting in 1997.

Evans says she had been told the documentary would be a “positive piece” as opposed to a programme dredging up all the “sensationalised events” that occurred.

“I feel upset that I’m attached to it,” she told Page Six. “I was told that it would be a positive piece with a little more of my personal background. It wasn’t pitched to me as a story rehashing the sensationalised events that took place.
“I am beyond that and have no need to open old wounds, damage repaired relationships and, above all, soil the legacy of Christopher Wallace aka the Notorious BIG.”

The trailer seems a bit more dramatic than what it appears, especially given Faith's statements surrounding it.

She added that Lifetime is messy for the series, especially when it comes to the stories about Tupac and Lil Kim -- topics she feels has been covered time and time again.

"Ms. Wallace is pissed," Evans continued. Everyone was blindsided. She has worked very hard for his legacy to be acknowledged in a more positive light. He’s nominated for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This doc is taking steps backward.”

Notorious BIG and Evans were one of hip-hops biggest power couples in the Nineties. They got married in 1994 after knowing each other for just eight days, having met because they were part of the same record label, Bad Boy Records. Throughout their marriage, Notorious BIG’s affairs with rappers Lil Kim and Charlie Baltimore made headlines. Despite informally separating, Evans was still married to the star when he died in 1997.

Watch the trailer down below.


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