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Grandmaster Flash Says That Dr. Dre’s New Album “Will Change The Game”

It appears that Dr. Dre has a new project in the works and according to Grandmaster Flash, it is one that will shift the sound of rap music moving forward.

Work on the record – which would be the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Compton’ – was reportedly finished back in November, but the release has still yet to be officially announced.

Posting on Instagram, the pioneering DJ and founding member of Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five revealed that he had received an invite from Dre to visit his house in LA.

“Here in LA doing the Disco Oasis with Nile Rodgers tonite, I get a call from one of my heroes he invites me to the CRIB he takes me down to the STUDIO he played me a project that will change the game!!”

the DJ wrote in the caption to the post, which you can see below.

Grandmaster Flash also called the project “totally incredible” and added that he and Dre “topped off the day for 2hrs talking about Music, Family, Health and Life”.



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