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Happy 48th Birthday Mary J. Blige | The Queen Of Hip Hop Soul

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

5 Songs That Confirm Mary J. Blige Is Indeed The Queen of Hip Hop Soul

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For almost 31 years, Mary J. Blige has been the reigning queen of hip hop and soulful music.

Mary J. Blige is the queen of hip-hop soul and has lived up to that title since she first emerged on the scene in the early 90’s. She effortlessly blending two very different genres into her style and music, keeping her sound and message authentically her and telling stories everyone could identify with. In celebration of her 48th birthday, let’s take a look back at some of the songs that prove why she rightfully deserves to hold the crown.

1. “Real Love” was our introduction to Mary J. Blige and it was one of the first times we saw an R&B singer sing beautifully while wearing a jersey, combat boots and baseball cap.

2. One of the greatest hip hop songs of all time is “All I Need” by Method Man featuring Mary J. Blige. Mary and Meth made a great duo and this combo is just what the culture needed.

3. Mary J Blige and Lil Kim effortlessly nailed it with “I Can Love You.”  It was the hip hop and R&B combo we never knew we needed.

4. Hip hop culture is known to influence new lingo. Words like “lit”, “bling” and “fleek” have been added to the dictionary because of it. Well, Mary J. Blige inspires lingo, as seen in “Family Affair.”

5. Over two decades in the game and Mary can still hold her own next to any rapper. She’s the queen of this.


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