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Happy 48th Birthday, Notorious B.I.G.!

Updated: May 26, 2020

Lil Kim and Jadakiss came through to honor the Notorious B.I.G. on what would have been his forty-eighth birthday.

The Notorious BIG remains one of hip-hop's most celebrated figures, a legend beyond hyperbole. Though he only provided us with two albums during his tragically short life, Ready To Die and Life After Death, the impact of Biggie’s artistry remains felt to this day.

A master of flow, of charisma, of storytelling — the young man had the mind of a genius wordsmith, one that left a profound impact on those within his circle. As such, rappers like Diddy, Lil Kim, and The Lox have continued to honor his memory at every turn.

Today would have been his 48th birthday, and former Junion M.A.F.I.A. collaborator Lil Kim took a moment to send him some love.

"Happy Biggie day guys!!!! Today we celebrate the King!" she writes, prompting flashbacks of tracks like "Get Money." Jadakiss, who also grew close with Big during The Lox's Bad Boy tenure, fired off some well wishes -- as well as a poignant reminder. "Happy birthday to B.I.G the REAL/ ONLY KING of New York !"

Of course, the sad reality remains true -- Big is no longer with us, at least not in the physical form. His music, however, has only grown stronger in time. Young hip-hop fans have eagerly discovered his catalog, while OG's have grown wistful losing themselves in nostalgic return trips. In truth, we could all benefit from a reminder of Big's legacy, so show some love to late, great Notorious one on his birthday. Happy birthday B.I.G! 



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