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Happy 49th Birthday, Missy Elliott!

Happy Birthday, Missy Elliott! Melissa Arnette Elliott, also known as Missy Elliott, was born on July 1, 1971, and turns 49.

She was born in Portsmouth, Virgina. Elliott was a member of the R&B group, Sista. She later released her debut solo album, Supa Dupa Fly, in 1997. Missy went on to release one of her hit singles, “Work It,” which won a Grammy for Best Female Rap Solo Performance. 'Billboard' named her the best-selling female rapper in Nielsen Music history.

Missy Elliott is a legend in the game and she has never been deterred by people saying her musical inclination as are too weird for the general public. Missy has made long lasting career on taking risks and those gambles have paid off in unimaginable ways.

So for Missy’s birthday, which is July 1st, check out 3 major facts why she's a legend in the game.

1. Music Videos

There isn’t an artist in any genre whose debut music video had as much impact as Missy’s 'The Rain.' As addicting as the song was, everybody always talked about the heavyset woman with finger waves dancing in a trash bag. Elliott is an obvious performance choice for her amazing songs, but it’s also her music videos that make her such an icon.

From rocking a bald head to, well, pulling off her own head, hang from a chandelier and eaten a Lamborghini – Missy’s videos are the most rousing of visionary spectacles.

One of her most conceptual visuals, 'Get Your Freak On'

2. Production & Lyrics

Elliott first tasted success as a producer and writer for other artists before launching a solo career. Working with producer Timbaland, who shaped some of Elliott's hip-hop and R&B music in the 1990s, she performed with Aaliyah and Destiny's Child. Also with Timbaland, Elliott released her first album, entitled 'Supa Dupa Fly' in 1997.

Her song 'The Rain' made her a rap star. They incorporated obscure sounds into their songwriting to create a spaced out Hip Hop/R&B sound that still sounds like it came from the future. What would our 90s playlists be without 'One In A Million' (Aaliyah), 'All In My Grill' or the star studded 'Hot Boyz (Remix)'?

On June 2019, Missy Elliott has become the first female rapper inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

3. Image & Fashion

The Grammy Award winner has kept her individuality in tact by remaining true to self.

The third major fact is her sense of style and image. Missy has let her inhibitions go time and time again to give us the creative, futuristic looks that accompany her sounds. Instead of trying make herself seem skinnier than she was, Missy used her size as a foundation to build a larger than life character in Hip Hop. You wouldn’t catch her in heels and a dress, but you always knew Missy was probably the most confident when she walked into a room.



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