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Happy 50th Birthday, Diddy!

Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Sean Combs, Puffy, Diddy or what ever you want to call one of the hardest working individuals in the music industry to this date. He has successfully been one of the very few to start as an artist in mastering his craft and expanding into other opportunities. Having a super successful liquor company, being a platinum selling artist, a style fashion icon, a fragrance smelling champion.

He continues to push the limits and when it seems to be his light is out he shines like no other. Hats off to the man that helped give the world Biggie Smalls.

9 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Diddy.

1. His 'huff and puff' personality

Sean 'Diddy' Combs' first nickname came from his childhood personality.

"Whenever I got mad as a kid, I used to always huff and puff," he told Jet magazine. "I had a temper. That's why my friend started calling me Puffy."

2. His 2005 name change had a simple reason

The switch from P.Diddy to just Diddy in 2005 was in part to help fans cheer him on.

"I felt the 'P' was coming between me and my fans, we had to simplify it. It was, you know, doing concerts and half the crowd saying 'P. Diddy,' half the crowd chanting 'Diddy.' Now everybody can just chant 'Diddy.'"

3. His mother worked four jobs to get him to college

“My mother was always working for a job, so I guess I was always trained that I should have multiple jobs, multiple aspirations," he said on Nightline.

4. Biggie's Debut Single

Puffy and Big butted heads on 'Juicy' and 'Big Poppa.' Big wanted “Machine Gun Funk” to be a single.

“We was studying what Dre and them was doing, with Niggaz4Life and The Chronic,” he says. I wanted to come with the sound of the soul of New York.”

5. Bad Boy doesn’t have a 'bad' meaning

“I named it Bad Boy, because I wanted to go against the grain,” he said. “Not negative, I just didn’t want to be regular. I didn’t want to just make records, I wanted to make history.”

The idea for Bad Boy Records came from watching the 1975 movie Mahogany. He wanted to model himself after Berry Gordy, because he was inspired by the fact that in addition to music, Motown also had a film division.

6. You can call him 'doctor'

In 2014 he received an honorary doctor of humanities degree from Howard University, the college he attended for two years in the late 1980s-early 1990s.

7. His favorite music production

Of all the work Diddy has done, his favorite collaboration is still Method Man and Mary J. Blige’s Grammy Award-winning remix for “All I Need.” But because RZA produced the original, Diddy never got his Grammy award. He still wants it. “I need to call Def Jam,” he says.

8. His party invites are 'high-concept'

On “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon,” Jimmy recalled how he once received a high-tech invite to one of Puff Daddy’s famous parties. The invite played a recording of the musician’s voice which warned the recipient to write down the address and information before the message self-destructed, “Mission Impossible” style, after a short amount of time. Which it did. “I’m very high-concept,” Puff Daddy agreed.

His famous July 4 White Party in the Hamptons invites hundreds of guests, all of whom are required to wear all-white clothing. In 2004, he borrowed an original Declaration of Independence from TV producer Norman Lear, and three security guards watched over it all night.

9. Ludacris

Diddy's biggest regret is passing on the chance to sign Ludacris to his Bad Boy Records label. The Bad Boy CEO considered making the Georgia rap star a sensation when he was a DJ in Atlanta, but confesses he couldn't quite understand where Ludacris was coming from at the time. Diddy reveals:

"We can't always see them when they come. I'm only human."He used to work at a radio station down there and he was doing some writing.He played me his demo tape and I just didn't understand the whole flow at that time, so I passed on that one."



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