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Happy 50th Birthday, MC Lyte!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

The one and only rapper MC Lyte turns 50 today. Not only a rapper, but an actress, business woman, philanthropist, and of course, a legend in the hip-hop industry.

Lana Michelle Moorer Aka MC Lyte was the first female rapper signed to a major label at the age of 17. Mc Lyte’s 1988 debut album “Lyte as a Rock” was the first hip-hop album by a solo female rapper. MC Lyte was also the first female rapper to receive a gold single with her 1993 record “Ruffneck” selling over 500,000 copies. The song was the lead single from her fourth studio album, Ain’t No Other (1993).

Check Out 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About MC Lyte

1 . Broadway

"I love Broadway Musicals. I saw the original Dreamgirls and fell in love with the bright lights, glamor and glitz."

2. Music Debut

"My first appearance was on a song with Sinead O'Conner entitled "Put Your Hands on Me". 

3. Favourite Movies

"I saw the movie Grease 8 weeks in a row and know every word to the songs featured on the soundtrack."
Coming to America and When Harry Met Sally are two movies I can watch anytime and anywhere.

4. Food

"I'm vegan and love it."

5. Soft Rock

"I am a huge lover of Easy Listening/Soft Rock. I sing to the best of 'em, Carol King, Neil Diamond & James Taylor etc."

6. Bowling

"I'm a serious bowler and have been since the high school bowling team. I've got my own shoes and my own bowl. I stay ready…"

7. Education

"My foundation Hip Hop Sisters gives away (2) 100,000 scholarships every year as part of the First Wave program at Wisconsin/Madison."

8. Favourite Songs

"All I Do, As and Another Star are my favorite songs from Stevie Wonder."

9. Acting

"I wanted to act before I wanted to rap and Tootie from The Facts of Life was my inspiration"

10. New School Hip-Hop

"I'm loving the works of Kendrick Lamar"

Mc Lyte is the announcer of The Phoenix Awards tonight! Don't miss it! Starting 8:00PM at BET.


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