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Happy 50th Birthday, Will Smith!

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

When this generation thinks Will Smith, we think Oscar-nominated actor, ’90s style icon and the guy with the dope flat-top and corny pick-up lines. But what most of us forget about is Will Smith the rapper, the Will Smith who took home a Grammy with DJ Jazzy Jeff and reached the top ten on the U.S. Billboard 200 as a solo artist.

From a West Philadelphia boy to a Grammy-winning rapper and now an Oscar-nominated actor, Will Smith can do it all. The Fresh Prince not only lives on in his television show, but in his equally-as-colourful discography, and his children, Jaden and Willow, who keep the Smith music legacy alive.

Will Smith will celebrate his 50th birthday by bungee jumping from a helicopter. Tune in today at 3PM LIVE on his YouTube channel hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro.


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