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Happy Birthday, NAS!

Nas has been a remarkable force in hip-hop for decades. Since the early 90s, Nasty Nas has created enough material to make him a strong contender for the hip-hop crown. Nasir Jones is just a handful of MCs who comfortably cracks most people's top ten lists.

'Illmatic,' the 1994 platinum-selling album by Nas, is the artist's best album and arguably the greatest rap album ever. Not only has it been critically acclaimed, but it reached #2 on the "Billboard" R&B/Hip-Hop chart and resided there for 28 weeks. It's even been given a 20th-anniversary edition as a reissue. As a work, the iconic album succeeds in part because it's packed with lyrics, not only about ​Nas' superior skills but also about life, crime, and vitamins. "Billboard" magazine calls it "a vivid, emotive look into life as a youngster in the streets of Queensbridge.

LISTEN NOW to the classic album 'Illmatic' 🎶


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