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Here's How to Watch DMX & Snoop Dogg's 'Verzuz' Battle

Hip-hop heavyweights Snoop Dogg and DMX are going to battle hit-for-hit tonight (July 22) 5PM PST / 8PM EST.

What is Verzuz? When does the big battle go down? How can you watch online?

How to watch Verzuz: Snoop Dogg vs DMX on Instagram

You've got a wide array of options, but the easiest (probably) is to open Snoop Dogg or DMX's Instagram pages, and tap on the big LIVE button. Do not go to Verzuz's  Instagram page, as they tend to direct folks to the rappers individual pages. 

Want to watch on a bigger screen? Open those pages in your web browser and not your phone, and follow the same instructions. 

How to watch Verzuz: Snoop Dogg vs DMX on Apple Music

Yes, for the first time we've got an alternative way to watch Verzuz. Apple Music and Beats 1 will have the event live alongside Instagram Live. Apple will also host the battle as an on-demand stream.

Apple Music's Verzuz Cheat Sheet Playlist: Snoop Dogg vs DMX should get you ready if you're unfamiliar with their deep cuts.



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