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'How High 2' Finally Gets a Release Date After Nearly 20 Years | TRAILER

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

However, Method Man and Redman will not star in it...

Photo: Universal Pictures

After almost 20 years, 'How High 2' has finally been given a release date.

Produced by MTV Studios, the follow-up to Method Man and Redman's cult classic 2001 film is set to star Lil Yachty and DC Young Fly and will be released April 20.

Also starring Mike Epps, who will reprise his role as Baby Powder from the first film, as well as Alyssa Goss, DeRay Davis, and Mary Lynn Rajskub, How High 2 will see cameos from the likes of Lil Baby, Blac Youngsta, NeNe Leakes, Cynthia Bailey and Justine Skye.

The sequel of the 2001 cult classic 'How High' shared in October 2018 a devastating update with hopeful fans: Redman and Method Man have not been cast to appear in the follow-up film. Redman addressed the sequel in a interview on the Grass Routes podcast, saying that he was never even contacted by MTV. He’s not bitter, though, because he’s “just following the path” and, if he were intended to star in a 'How High' sequel, God would have made it so.

Here’s his full statement on the sequel:

Long story short is that me and Meth was not aware that they were doing this transaction with the movie. I’m not mad at Yachty or DC Fly — like I said, it has nothing to do with them. And I’m not even upset because God always places things in the right position anyway; I’m just following the path…But my thing is when you have a brand, like Red and Meth, that kind of helped built and created this entity of How High and shooting a movie on How High — I mean, marijuana and being in college. Those were all our ideas. And when the new deal came about, we wasn’t involved in it.

Watch the trailer for 'How High' 2 below:

Check out Redman's new statement for yourself below:



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