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How to Watch Verzuz: The LOX vs Dipset

New York is definitely in the building when we watch Verzuz: The Lox vs Dipset this week. Yes, the iconic rap groups are taking to the stage at MSG for what may be the biggest Verzuz ever. They'll even have a live audience.

And even though each group isn't hurting for members, we expect a lot of features to get brought up. If the night goes by without a tribute to the dearly departed Earl Simmons (DMX), with "Money, Power & Respect," we'll be shocked.

Dipset has a truckload of bangers to go to playlist-war with, and we expect a lot of energy when "Dipset Anthem" plays at The Hulu Theater at MSG (not The Garden).

This live event almost seems like the furthest thing from a Verzuz event, which sprung out of the socially distanced requirements of the pandemic. But we're not complaining.

For those unfamiliar with Verzuz, these shows are informal competitions between artists. Each superstar plays one of their hits, followed by the other, volleying back and forth like a tennis match. Then it's up to the public to decide (voicing their opinions in the comments and on social media) who won.

How to watch Verzuz: The Lox vs Dipset on Instagram

If you're OK watching on a phone or laptop, go ahead and open the Verzuz IG account and click on the LIVE button. They may direct you to the individual artists' accounts, we'll see then.

There's typically a short wait from the 9:30 p.m. ET start time before the actual festivities begin, so you have time to pour a nice beverage if you haven't already.

Want to watch on a bigger screen? Open that page in your web browser and not your phone, and follow the same instructions.

How to watch Verzuz: The Lox vs Dipset on Triller

Triller will stream Verzuz: The Lox vs Dipset in HD, on both iOS and Android.


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