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Irv Gotti is Anxious About Seeing Ashanti For 'Murder Inc. Reunion Tour'

There’s no shortage of drama or feuds in the music world, but when Irv Gotti wants to get the whole crew back together for a Murder, Inc. reunion, he might have to face more than his fair share.

On the October 24, episode of Growing Up Hip Hop: New York, the Murder Inc. CEO talks about his plans to get the gang back on stage with his family. Though he’s excited about the idea, there’s one thing holding him back — and that’s the idea of having to spend a lot of time with his ex Ashanti. Back in the day, the two weathered a major scandal in the wake of his divorce, and that may just come back to bite him.

For those who don’t know, Irv Gotti dated Ashanti during the course of his marriage to Deb. It was once a source of conflict for the couple, in addition to his other extramarital affairs. But now that the two are no longer married and seem to be on good terms, Deb shared that Irv and Ashanti’s relationship took place while they were separated.

"I got so much great to think about moving forward that I don't want to think about the bad past," he added. "I mean the world, everyone knows I don't f*ck with Ashanti. We haven't spoken, I don't know how long."

Check out the video clip from the October 24 episode below.



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