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Ja Rule and Irv Gotti Talk Fyre Fest, JAY-Z's Business Influence, and More on 'Breakfast Club'

The rapper and his longtime friend and producer Irv Gotti sat down with The Breakfast Club radio program in New York City on Wednesday and talked about their collaborative business history, the 20th anniversary of Murder Inc.'s first release, Ja's debut 'Venni Vetti Vecci'.

Ja Rule still thinks Fyre Festival was a good idea

About 17 minutes in, Ja's failed Fyre Festival experiment was brought up, with Gotti noting that he did support his friend through the turmoil. "Billy had me fooled!" Gotti said.

Ja continued to defend the festival, which was such a mess it spurned not one but two documentaries and resulted in the artist and his fellow festival co-founder Billy McFarland getting sued.

'Fyre' torches 'influencer' culture behind failed festival

But according to Ja Rule, "The Fyre Festival was an amazing idea."

"Let's not act like every f***ing body wasn't coming to the Fyre Festival," he said during the interview. "It was f***ing done wrong. It was organized bad. The idea of it was dope, the marketing was dope, everything was done very right on that end. The execution was extremely bad, man."

Check out the interview below.


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