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Jada Pinkett Smith Says She Was Concerned About Willow's 'Excessive Weed Smoking'

Jada Pinkett Smith went into detail over why her daughter Willow’s ‘excessive weed smoking’ bothered her so much on the latest ‘Red Table Talk.’

Photo: @jadapinkettsmith

Things got super real for Jada Pinkett Smith, 48, daughter Willow, 19, and her mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones, 65, on a new episode of Red Table Talk posted on Facebook on Wednesday, April 7.

The chatter revolved around how the Coronavirus is presenting new challenges for Americans struggling with addiction.

Adrienne opened up the show by discussing her being clean from heroin for nearly three decades before Jada started the conversation with Willow about her smoking weed.

“Willow, I’m really proud of you as well, because you have decided to curb your excessive weed smoking,” the Girls Trip actress said. “You always were telling me, you’d be like, ‘gotta stop that smoking,'” Willow joked in response which made everyone laugh.

“Only because as your mother, I could see the effects of it that you couldn’t,” Jada then said which Adrienne double downed on. “And for me, it was like with the history that we have in our family it was driving me crazy.”

Jada followed up on her mother’s words by saying that she thought weed was a “gate” into Willow experiencing “something else”. The “Whip My Hair” songstress then revealed that she hasn’t smoked weed in 3 months, specifically THC.

Willow then detailed how not smoking weed had a big affect on her social life.

“When I stopped smoking it was a really big, like, eye opener because I was like, there are so many people that I called friends in my life who kind of like…” she said before Adrienne finished her sentence with “drifted away.”

Willow went on to say that her experiences in smoking weed were “really social” and that “you don’t think anything of it” when you’re doing it with your friends."

Not smoking weed turned out to be a major positive in Willow’s life.

“I know it sounds so cheesy but around the time I stopped smoking I started doing a lot of yoga,” she revealed. “And I just excelled. Cuz I was putting all of my energy into that.
Like I wasn’t doing anything else and I was like wow, what if I was doing this with everything?”


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