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Jason Derulo Knocks Will Smith’s Teeth Out With a Golf Club in Viral Instagram Clip

An Instagram video of Jason Derulo appearing to knock Will Smith‘s teeth out with a golf club has gone viral.

Last week, Derulo pranked fans on TikTok, sharing a video which saw him seemingly knock his own teeth out after eating a corn on the cob off a power drill.

In the latest video, Smith is seen to be teaching Derulo how to play golf, though when the singer swings his club, it hits Smith in the face, before Smith crawls over to the camera to inspect his broken teeth.

“Put some ice on that,” Derulo says in the video, before Smith replies: “It’s my turn. It’s my turn. I only need one swing.”

The video then concludes with Smith getting his own back and hitting Derulo with the golf club.

Will Smith and Jason are still on good terms... 😂


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